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Techniice also stock genuine high performance Esky Branded cooler bags,Esky on Wheels ,Esky with Radio and other soft eskies as an alternative to the Legendary Techniice Brand iceboxes and coolerbags.

Although many Australian consumers commonly use the word Esky to describe all types of coolers and ice boxes it may come as a surprise to many that the word Esky is actually a registered trade mark of Coleman Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of the American Coleman Company that does . The Esky Brand originally belonged to Nylex who were an Australian company but, like so many old Aussie s, it has now been acquired by overseas interests.


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If you want the best Ice box, cooler etc, do what thousands of Aussies and Food Transport companies do. Get a TECHNI ICE™ Ice box and TECHNI ICE™ Re-usable dry ice packs and you will see why the TECHNI ICE™ ice boxes & re-usable dry icepacks are widely regarded as the best of the best. TECHNI ICE™ products are not associated in any way with the Esky Brand. TECHNI ICE™ is a trade mark owned by Global National Australia Pty Ltd.


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